Adopting BizOps to Accelerate Digital Transformation Results

    As IT landscapes become more dynamic and companies start to adopt multi-cloud environments, leadership teams are trying to manage rising complexity and tremendous amounts of organizational change. They are also under increasing pressure to drive process and tool integration to decrease operating expenses, improve product innovation, and overall deliver better business outcomes.

    How are leadership teams dealing with these new challenges? Enter BizOps, a new framework for decision making that companies are adopting to accelerate digital transformation results. Many customers have already adopted DevOps and Agile, and BizOps is simply an extension that includes continuous measurement, continuous feedback, and strategic business planning to enable digital transformation at the speed of business change.

    When looking at their development cycle, leadership teams are trying to drive automation and integration across their processes, and they’re also looking for continuous feedback mechanisms. This will allow an SRE, executive, or the DevOps team to have line of sight visibility into feedback being collected from customers. Leadership is also looking into driving measurement into processes and workflows to see the impact on application strategy and operational strategy, and to get a full understanding of the ultimate effect on business outcomes. Because of these changes, teams that weren’t collaborating before are increasingly working together to consolidate data pools so that they can apply automation and analytics to this data and drive a faster decision making process.

    The next question is, how does this all fit into a strategic vendor partnership? Traditional business vendor engagement models are becoming more obsolete as they generally challenge the digital transformation objectives that companies are trying to achieve.

    In addition, more and more teams that didn’t traditionally work together are beginning to collaborate as they use similar tools, access similar data pools, and drive towards the same business outcomes. CEOs are also trying to figure out how to take domains like continuous testing, agile, automation, security, and IT service management out of their silos and integrating their processes. They are looking at the data pools that come with each of these domains and trying to figure out what data to bring together to drive their specific business outcomes. This means that vendors need to drive a tighter collaborative model through integrated tools and through their engagement models.

    To learn more, watch my latest webinar to get a deeper dive on how adopting BizOps can accelerate your digital transformation results.