Are You Leading Confidently, or Bracing for Change?

    Regardless of your business’ size, industry, or region, it’s safe to say relentless change has become the new norm—with many left operating in full-on crisis mode. Business leaders are being tested in ways they wouldn’t have imagined just a few months ago. How do these leaders rise to the occasion? How do they navigate uncertain business terrain and position their organizations for success?

    The answers aren’t clear cut, and will vary for each leader. At the same time, it’s also clear that data will either be a strategic asset or a gaping vulnerability. Recently, my colleague, Serge Lucio, posted a new article on the Forbes Tech Council site. Entitled, “Leading Confidently Through Crisis: How Data-Driven Decision-Making Can Help,” the article offers a compelling look at the fundamentally altered nature of the business landscape, and the challenges it presents.

    Serge outlines how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies will offer enormous advantages, but only to those who have cracked the code in terms of harnessing those technologies across the organization. Serge writes, “The collective intelligence that AI and machine learning technologies afford is immense. However, the power of these instruments is ultimately measured by the degree to which people actually interpret, understand, act on, and share the insights delivered. Their value will only be fully leveraged when they enable IT, AI experts, business leaders, and other stakeholders to work in unison.”

    For today’s businesses, adopting BizOps is emerging as a key initiative, an essential way to harness data-driven decision making and boost alignment between IT and business leaders. To learn more about how data-driven insights will help executives lead more confidently in times of crisis, be sure to check out the Forbes Tech Council article. In addition, to learn more about leveraging BizOps, see the report from IDC, “The CIO's Guide to Using BizOps for Crisis Management.”

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