BizOps Manifesto: A Playbook for IT to Deliver Business Value

    More than ever, a company’s fortunes are riding on IT’s ability to deliver real business value. Find out how the BizOps Manifesto can help.

    Think You’ve Got Pressure?

    Most business executives experience pressure and scrutiny, but think about coaches for big-time sports franchises. These are leaders who watch their decisions play out in front of national TV audiences. Plays, plans, and trades can yield great results or backfire spectacularly—and when things go south, the criticisms can come from anywhere and everywhere.

    Bill Bellichick, coach and general manager for the New England Patriots, is a particularly illustrative example. After winning 17 division titles and six Super Bowls, you’d think he’d have earned some slack, but, after failing to keep a certain quarterback (who’s name I can’t bear to utter right now), and a faltering start to the season, the criticism and second guessing start raining down. To me, the moral is that even the best decision makers and decision-making processes are never assured a 100% success rate, but still decide and act we must.

    The Mandate: Principles that Guide Our In-Game Decision Making

    Bellichick’s widely acknowledged to not only be among the best prepared coaches, but the most adept at making in-game adjustments. One of the keys is that he’s making these adjustments in a way that’s aligned with guiding principles. Bellichick’s approaches and skill sets are particularly resonant for today’s executives, whose work can fairly be characterized as virtually nothing but in-game adjustments these days.

    We’ve been writing a lot about BizOps recently. BizOps is a data-driven framework for decision making, one that helps connect IT departments with business functions. This alignment means everything from high level plans to daily execution are centered on the outcomes that matter most to the business. Through this alignment, teams can make significant strides in their ability to deliver real business value.

    As business and IT leaders work to adapt to their increasingly fluid markets and workplace realities—the executive’s equivalent of in-game adjustments—they need guiding principles. That’s why the BizOps Manifesto was developed. Focused on promoting the adoption and benefits of BizOps, the manifesto was written by renowned authors, educators, software executives, and technology practitioners. Read on to learn more about the manifesto, why it was written, what it says, and who is behind it.

    Building on the Legacy of the Agile Manifesto

    Back in 2001, the Agile Manifesto was created by software developers who wanted to propose a new approach to their craft. The authors distilled their thinking around four core values and 12 principles. This one-page document was highly influential, helping shape not only the way internal teams approach development, but how development tools, training, and strategies have evolved. Almost 20 years after it was written, the manifesto remains relevant—which is remarkable when you consider how much has changed in the spheres of development and technology over that time.

    “The BizOps methodology represents an evolution of DevOps and Agile,” said Serge Lucio, VP and GM of the enterprise software division at Broadcom. “Given that, it makes sense to develop a BizOps Manifesto that’s modeled on the Agile Manifesto. In developing the BizOps Manifesto, we sought to develop a similarly short, straightforward set of values and principles that could help guide the advancement and adoption of BizOps.”

    “The original authors of the Agile Manifesto saw that the traditional ways of developing software weren’t tenable,” Lucio explained. “I’d argue we’re at a similar inflection point today. While the discussions around the lack of business and IT alignment have been happening for decades, the reality is that this gap remains a critical issue, and the status quo isn’t sustainable.”

    Why Now is the Time for BizOps

    Today, principles like agility, focus, and alignment aren’t nice to haves; they’re absolutely vital as businesses pursue digital transformation. Budgets, focus, and staff time simply can’t be expended on efforts that aren’t aligned with key business outcomes. Development efforts, infrastructure investments, product development, and more must all be guided by a focus on business value. It is for these reasons that BizOps is emerging as such a vital strategic framework.

    The BizOps Manifesto was developed to help guide teams as they pursue their BizOps initiatives. The manifesto outlines the values and principles that align software development and operations with the delivery of business value. Following is the manifesto’s statement of values:

    Through BizOps, coalition members value:

    • Business outcomes over individual projects and outputs. 
    • Trust and collaboration over siloed teams and organizations.
    • Data-driven decisions over opinions, judgement, and persuasion.
    • Learning, responding, and pivoting over following a documented plan.

    The manifesto is backed by the BizOps Coalition, a group of visionary business and technology leaders and influencers. The coalition is focused on the advancement and adoption of the BizOps methodology. The BizOps Coalition will provide expert advice and best practices, helping teams improve development cycles, streamline business operations, and accelerate innovation. Manifesto authors include top practitioners, software executives, authors, consultants, and industry association leaders.