Leverage BizOps to Make Intelligence Actionable

    BizOps for the Data Scientist

    Data is worth more than gold, or so we are often told. But the reality is that companies aren’t using the data they currently have, much less applying machine learning or AI to it. By taking a BizOps approach, you can put intelligence into actionable formats, allowing information to flow readily through the enterprise.

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    Maximize the Value of BizOps

    Data-based decision making is great—if you’re using the right data. Don’t let organizational silos create misaligned data sets that skew your decisions. With BizOps, your teams can stop wasting time, focus, and resources on initiatives that aren’t aligned with strategies. Establish implementations that are aligned across these dimensions:

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    Teams Maximize the value of data by cultivating consistent standards and usage. Ensure teams understand how data is being used. Ensure seamless coordination with teams' daily processes and align with key outcomes.
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    Environments Establish a unified data model that spans the silos of the past, while retaining context, enabling unparalleled levels of cross-team visibility and collaboration.
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    Use Cases Harness the repeatable frameworks, unified intelligence, and automation that enable your teams to support more users and use cases—rapidly and efficiently.

    The Business-IT Disconnect is Real, and Real Costly: An AI-driven Approach Can Help

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    0% Say that human workers using AI to support their business decisions ultimately leads to improved decision making.
    source Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Broadcom, June 2020

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    There has long been evidence across many decision domains that data- and analytics-based decisions are more accurate than those made by human intuition.

    Thomas H. Davenport | Harvard Business Review, “What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like

    Data Science that Maximizes Value: Three Architectural Keys

    To keep in front of rapidly evolving technological environments, business requirements, and security threats, your organization needs to augment and automate decision making. Across your organization, teams need to leverage new, advanced solutions that combine advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. These capabilities grow increasingly vital as teams look to pursue their BizOps initiatives.

    Toward that end, advanced AI and machine learning platforms should fully harness big data, integrating business, development, and operations data to generate actionable insights. This is an essential ingredient in helping your teams establish continuous improvement in the business outcomes of digital initiatives.

    At a high level, it’s important to enable teams to access data from across a number of silos, while preserving the context of the source content and enabling this context to be shared efficiently. This contextual, comprehensive visibility is vital in delivering the actionable insights today’s decision makers, developers, and operations teams need. Here’s a brief overview of three key architectural requirements these AI platforms need to address.

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