Keys to Capitalizing on Digital Product Management

    Find out what Digital Product Management (DPM) is, how it relates to Value Stream Management (VSM), and the key benefits you can realize from these approaches.

    What is Digital Product Management?

    To thrive in a new digital world, new approaches are required. Digital Product Management (DPM) represents a set of practices for adapting technology management to today’s digital realities. As part of Value Stream Management, DPM helps teams ensure they’re funding their most valuable initiatives and demonstrating maximum ROI.

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    Managing Digital Products With Clarity

    Value Stream Management is nothing new—it’s been around for years— but recently it piqued the interest of business executives, who often feel removed from the black box known as DevOps. In order to reach their VSM destinations, many enterprises start with DPM.

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    Digital Product Management: Four Steps to Success

    Shifting your focus to DPM is a strategic imperative. It is also essential to the success of your digital transformation. Here are the steps to making it happen.

    DPM to VSM

    Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as a strategic and urgent imperative. In order to reach their VSM destinations, many enterprises start with DPM and a solution like Clarity. Find out more about making this move, and how your teams benefit by focusing on products rather than one-off projects.

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