What is BizOps?

BizOps is a decision-making framework based on the principle that long-term success can only be achieved by establishing a seamless connection between business operations and technology functions.

With BizOps, you can make smarter decisions and establish the continual improvements that fuel business growth, enhanced customer experience, and increased profitability.

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How BizOps Can
Propel Your Organization

Boost Transparency Gain a new level of context that spans the silos of the past, enabling unparalleled levels of cross-team visibility and collaboration.
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Gain Traction Align technology efforts and investments with strategic business objectives—so you can deliver better results, faster.
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Build Trust Establish a track record of success in supporting strategic initiatives, so you can build new levels of trust between business and IT teams.

The Disconnect Between Business and IT Leaders

Based on interviews with more than 200 executives, a recent survey found that IT teams and business units don't collaborate closely enough, which is leading to mounting frustration, significant costs, and lost opportunities.

78% Respondents say the disconnect between IT and business units is exacting a steep penalty.
source Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Broadcom, “BizOps: Connecting IT to Business Outcomes,” June 2020
2.3x CEOs rate faster software delivery as 2.3 times more important than software leaders do.
source A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By Broadcom, “To Drive Great Business Results With Software, Close The CEO-CIO Gap,” December 2019
85% Software leaders say they are being stifled by a lack of executive support. Only 5% of CEOs see that as a problem.
source A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By Broadcom, “To Drive Great Business Results With Software, Close The CEO-CIO Gap,” December 2019

How BizOps Can Support Crisis Management

As technology and business environments continue to grow more volatile, IT leaders continue to face more intensified demands. This report examines core BizOps strategies, and it shows how CIOs, architects, and IT product teams can harness BizOps to create a customer-centric organization that’s equipped for the future.

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The Costly Status Quo—and Why BizOps is So Vital

Too often, IT teams use metrics that don’t translate to business results. Teams aren’t aligned with business objectives. Costs and frustrations mount, while critical milestones get missed. Download an analyst report that reveals how BizOps can help your organization address these problems.

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Three Keys to Maximizing the
Value of BizOps

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Harness AI-driven Decision Making To keep pace with your dynamic technologies and environments, you need automation and AI to power operations and decision making.
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Connect IT Outputs to Business Results Traditional IT outputs are inward facing. Boost growth by connecting your team’s efforts to business outcomes like conversion rates, sales per hour, or revenue per customer.
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Give Your Teams Purpose As you link IT projects to business outcomes, you can give your teams more purpose and boost engagement—and engaged employees make better decisions and produce better results.

The Technical Requirements for BizOps

To successfully adopt BizOps, your organization will need more than just new approaches, talent, and workflows. You’ll need a platform that will enable you to adopt a data-driven approach by offering the following key capabilities and characteristics.

BizOps: Delivering Value Across Your Organization

By adopting BizOps approaches, teams across your organization can realize tremendous benefits.

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Business Leader Discover how to ensure budget, staff time, and resources are being focused on the business objectives that matter. Learn More
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Product Manager Effectively align all roadmaps and products with business objectives and outcomes. Learn More
App Dev Incorporate continuous business measurement and strategy into DevOps lifecycles so you can accelerate delivery. More intelligently prioritize everything from bug fixes to new offerings. Learn More
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ITOps Deliver more value to business stakeholders, more quickly and efficiently. Ensure a flawless customer experience, every time. Learn More
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Harness optimized intelligence and automation so you can accelerate value delivery and create more resilient production environments. Learn More

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BizOps is a system of intelligence combining IT, DevOps, and business data to deliver insights for improving outcomes.

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Analyst Report Gartner: Tell an IT Value Story That Matters to Business Leadership

IT and business alignment is now vital, so it’s an imperative for CIOs to clearly articulate the business value of IT.

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