What is
    Value Stream Management?

    At its most fundamental, Value Stream Management is the practice of optimizing the delivery of products and services to customers. This approach encompasses principles, processes, and tools, which are employed to effectively fund, define, align, measure, and optimize value streams.

    Organizations need to extend value streams across the enterprise, beyond their traditional home in IT, DevOps and agile management, encompassing the entire value lifecycle from concept to cash, and uniting the enterprise. Powered by Digital Product Management and Enterprise Agility, Value Stream Management enables organizations to be optimally poised for success—today and in the long term.

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    Value Stream Management Accelerates Digital Transformation and Innovation

    New research finds a growing correlation between the use of Value Stream Management (VSM) and improved digital transformation initiatives. Nearly all (99%) of respondents stated Value Stream Management provides key benefits such as:

    • Faster delivery of products
    • Improved transparency leading to data-driven decisions
    • Reduction of silos for improved customer value and ROI
    • Improved efficiencies of teams

    Research was sponsored by Broadcom and conducted by Dimensional Research with more than 500 executives, business and IT leaders across global enterprises.

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    0% 88% of organizations currently using Value Stream Management methodologies today, and nearly 75% of the remaining companies plan to do so in 2022.
    0% 95% of business and IT leaders state the adoption of Value Stream Management has optimized their product lifecycle processes.
    0% 92% cite product challenges such as poor product lifecycle visibility and inefficiencies will continue in 2022. Most agree this can be solved with a VSM technology.

    Breakthrough Benefits of
    Value Stream Management

    By establishing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide approach to Value Stream Management, organizations can boost alignment, maximize efficiency, and enhance effectiveness.

    Boost Alignment Through Value Stream Management, teams can establish the shared insights that foster trust and eliminate silos. In this way, teams can ensure business decisions and development are fully aligned with value realization.
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    Maximize Efficiency By establishing enhanced visibility, organizations can reduce inefficiency and waste in their value streams. This ensures they’re building the right products at the right time, improving speed and quality.
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    Enhance Effectiveness With VSM, organizations maximize the impact of their digital transformation initiatives. They can start funding the most valuable efforts, and definitively track the return those investments actually deliver.

    How Enterprises Across Industries are Profiting

    By leveraging enterprise-wide Value Stream Management technologies and approaches, many leading enterprises are starting to realize breakthrough benefits. Following are a few examples of how companies thrive with Value Stream Management.

    DPM and Enterprise Agility: Supporting Successful VSM Initiatives

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    Digital Product Management To thrive in a new digital world, new approaches are required. Digital Product Management (DPM) represents a set of practices for adapting technology management to today’s digital realities. As part of Value Stream Management, DPM helps teams ensure they’re funding their most valuable initiatives and demonstrating maximum ROI. Learn More
    Enterprise Agility Enterprise Agility represents the processes and tools for establishing complete traceability across the execution lifecycle, from initial investments through to delivery. As a result, leaders can create realistic plans to optimize management of capacity, work-in-progress, and dependencies and risks. Plus, they can track efforts throughout the value stream with real-time information and insights—so they can ensure execution stays optimized. Learn More

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