Achieving BizOps Through Value Stream Management

    BizOps is a conceptual framework for aligning business and technology. Through Value Stream Management, organizations can begin to realize maximum alignment around key business outcomes. Developed by industry authorities in BizOps and Value Stream Management, this site offers the latest research—so you can stay informed and make the most of these evolving disciplines.

    Report Bring “Value” To Your Value Stream Management

    To remain competitive and accelerate innovation, companies must integrate Value Stream Management to align business and development.

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    The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Value Streams

    Getting value streams wrong can cause long-lasting and far-reaching damage for your organization. On the other hand, getting it right can help you boost your competitive position. This post offers five best practices you can employ to ensure your value streams are optimized and deliver maximum customer value.

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    The Promise of Enterprise-Wide Value Stream Management

    By establishing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide approach to VSM, organizations can create the transparency, efficiency, and accountability required to deliver continuous business value.

    Boost Alignment Establish the shared insights that help foster trust and eliminate silos. This results in better business decisions and development processes that are fully aligned with value delivery.
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    Enhance Effectiveness Supercharge digital transformation initiatives by optimizing prioritization, strategic investment planning, and Digital Product Management. Fund the most valuable efforts and track your ROI.
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    Maximize Efficiency Establish enhanced transparency and visibility, so your teams can reduce bottlenecks and waste in their value streams. Build the right products at the right time. Improve speed and quality.

    Chipotle’s Winning Value Stream Management Initiatives

    The dining sector has seen an especially dramatic change in recent months, and Chipotle is no exception. Find out how the food retailer is fueling its ongoing innovation by incorporating value Stream Management best practices. Read the Case Study

    Employ Value Stream Management to Break Down Silos

    Silos create costly inefficiencies and impede progress towards key business objectives. This post reveals how silos cost today’s businesses and offers insights for employing Value Stream Management strategies to eliminate these challenges. Read the Blog Post

    Bring "Value" to Your Value Streams

    This report will help your business leaders understand how to see value differently and prioritize customer-oriented objectives, as well as identify tangible, measurable outcomes to determine your team's success. 

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    How Organizations Benefit from Value Stream Management

    When it comes to transformation initiatives, time is of the essence. Find out how transformation leaders from a number of enterprises have successfully harnessed Value Stream Management to meet their charters for rapid adaptation