Meet the BizOps Experts features the contributions of experts from an array of disciplines and organizations. Authors include researchers, consultants, professors, and business executives who endorse the transformative power of connecting business and IT to boost business growth, enhance the customer experience, and increase profitability.


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    Meet Our Authors features the contributions of experts from an array of disciplines and organizations. Authors include researchers, consultants, professors, and business executives.

    Alf Abuhajleh

    Director of Product Marketing, Clarity, Broadcom

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    Amy Feldman

    Head of AIOps Product Marketing

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    Brian Nathanson

    Product Management Lead, Broadcom

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    Brendan Hayes

    Director of Solutions Marketing, Broadcom

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    Chris Tozzi

    Senior Editor and DevOps Analyst, Fixate IO

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    Christine Bentsen

    Head of DevOps Marketing, Broadcom

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    Cordny Nederkoorn

    DevOps Writer, Fixate IO

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    David Hardman

    Sr Principal Product Marketing Manager, Broadcom

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    Dennis Petrillo

    Executive Advisor, Rally

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    Deven Shah

    Senior Director, Technology, Broadcom

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    Erhan Giral

    Chief Architect of AIOps, Broadcom

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    Glyn Martin

    Head of QA Transformation, BT Group

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    Heitor Tashiro Sergent

    Senior Product Manager. Runscope

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    Ian McGinnis

    Executive Advisor, Agile Management Business Unit, CA Technologies

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    Jeff Hughes

    Product Marketing Engineer, Broadcom

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    Kieran Taylor

    CMO and Head of Marketing for Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom

    Read Bio

    Kurt Sand

    Vice President and Head of Digital BizOps and Automation, Broadcom

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    Laureen Knudsen

    Chief Transformation Officer, Lean/Agile BizOps, Broadcom

    Read Bio

    Marie Daniels

    Project & Change Management Consultant, Broadcom

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    Marla Schimke

    Head of Product Marketing, Digital Business & Agile Management Solutions, Broadcom

    Read Bio

    Michael Sydor

    Chief Architect, ADP

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    Paul Weschler

    Enterprise Architect, Broadcom

    Read Bio

    Pierre Viljoen

    Senior Director, Practice Services Head Enterprise Technology & Governance, HCL

    Read Bio

    Priyesh Patel

    Enterprise Solutions Architect, Broadcom

    Read Bio

    Randy Budde

    Editor in Chief,

    Read Bio

    Rich Jordan

    Test Engineering Manager

    Read Bio

    Scott Fitzpatrick

    Contributor, Fixate IO

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    Scott Willson

    Product Marketing Director, Release Automation, Automic Software

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    Serene He-Pang

    Agile DevTools Manager, Ford

    Read Bio

    Serge Lucio

    Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom

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    Shamim Ahmed

    CTO for DevOps, Broadcom

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    Stefan Heil

    Manager R&D, Broadcom

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    Stephen Elliot

    Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps, IDC

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    Sushil Kumar

    Head of Enterprise DevOps Business, Broadcom

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    Twain Taylor

    Technology Analyst and Contributing Writer, Fixate IO

    Read Bio

    Tom Davenport

    Distinguished Author and Speaker

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    Usman Nasir

    Global Product Management, Verizon

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    Viki Paige

    Director of BizOps Marketing, Broadcom

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    Yann Guernion

    Product Marketing Manager, Broadcom

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